Getting the Word Out

The project is finally finished. Everyone has completed their part of the paper and the video has been created and is ready for presentation. My job for this project was to focus on the "Modernization of Public Transportation" aspect of the Green in '17 campaign. This meant I had to research where the U.S. currently … Continue reading Getting the Word Out


Gathering Materials

This week we spent most of our time as a group gathering information and pictures for our assigned topics. The Green in '17 campaign has five main points that it's trying to educate the public on. As we have five members in our group, we each chose one topic and did some research on it. … Continue reading Gathering Materials


This week we began talks regarding the storyboard that will outline the content of our video as well as what we want the finished product to look like. Our initial idea that we landed on was a short 2-3 minute video with fun facts that enlightened our viewers on the issues addressed within the Green … Continue reading Storyboard


As it currently stands, our group is heavily leaning towards making a video for the client. During our meeting this week, we spent the majority of the time discussing potential themes to incorporate into our video. The first idea we proposed was a fun, light-hearted video. Our idea would include lots of quick fun facts … Continue reading Narrative


I feel like our group is heading in a very good direction right now. When we first got together, we discussed the three options we could focus on, covering all the pros and cons and how we would theoretically approach each of them. Finally we decided the Green in '17 movement would be best for … Continue reading Collaboration