The project is finally finished. Everyone has completed their part of the paper and the video has been created and is ready for presentation. My job for this project was to focus on the “Modernization of Public Transportation” aspect of the Green in ’17 campaign. This meant I had to research where the U.S. currently stood in terms of public transportation. I found out that we aren’t exactly doing well. Our infrastructure had about $90 billion in repair needs and the American Society of Civil Engineers rated our infrastructure as a D+. Needless to say there is a lot of room for improvement. The next part of my role was researching what is being done to sold this and which direction we are trying to take. The direction is moving towards autonomous vehicles that will reduce costs of maintaining public transportation as well as make them safer. The technology that is being developed is similar to the sensors that are currently in most cars today. Collision detection and prevention, speed monitoring, and lane-drift warnings are some examples that are already being used across the country in cars and have made the streets much safer. The idea is to develop these and new technologies further so they can be applied to transport such as trains and buses to even further the safety of the streets. 

As for the paper, I was assigned the Procedures and Policies section. I discussed things such as when and where the group would meet, how we determined these times and locations, what a typical meeting looked like, and how we approached each week’s assignments. Due to our flexibility and communication when planning the meetings, we allowed for people to miss a meeting or two if something came up, but it was up to that person to make sure they got on the same page as the rest of us as well as completed their portion of the assignment. I missed a meeting because I had an exam the next morning and I wanted to study for that instead. The group was completely understanding and filled me in on what I had missed and had to make up after their meeting. I felt like this system worked out quite well in terms of productivity as well as preventing anyone from looking bad or seeming less committed to the group.


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