This week we began talks regarding the storyboard that will outline the content of our video as well as what we want the finished product to look like. Our initial idea that we landed on was a short 2-3 minute video with fun facts that enlightened our viewers on the issues addressed within the Green in ’17 campaign. We, being members of the target audience, wanted to focus on quick and easy to understand reasons why going green is important. Then from there we would include ways in which anyone can become more environmentally conscious and friendly. We liked this idea because most people don’t understand what “going green” entails exactly. A common misconception is that it means shopping at places like Whole Foods and not using plastic water bottles. These options are relatively expensive, especially for young adults who don’t have a lot of money. We wanted to explain that this isn’t the only way to help the environment and that there are lots of small changed they can make every day that will make an impact such as how and when to recycle. This was our original idea anyways.

When we actually came together to do the storyboard, we realized that Green in ’17 actually had 5 topics that they are focusing on (recycling was not one of them). These topics included:

1) Achieving 100% clean energy by 2050
2) Modernizing our public transportation
3) Demanding environmental justice
4) Preserving land and parks
5) Protecting our drinking water from source to tap

So our plan now is still the same at the core; we want to translate the information that these 5 subjects cover into easy to understand statements that people can relate to and sympathize with. We will also still try and incorporate our idea of suggesting easy ways for everyone to do their part and contribute to going green.


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