Gathering Materials

This week we spent most of our time as a group gathering information and pictures for our assigned topics. The Green in ’17 campaign has five main points that it’s trying to educate the public on. As we have five members in our group, we each chose one topic and did some research on it. We decided to break each topic into two parts: the first part was basically just an explanation of what the topic actually means because some of them aren’t as easily understandable as “Preserving land and parks”. To illustrate this division of each topic, we made each part of each topic have its own slide on our storyboard. So the first slide shortly explains what the topic means and where we are in the process of addressing that topic if it’s relevant. The second slide essentially explains what the plan is moving forward and how these topics and issues are going to be fixed. In addition to this information, we included 1-2 pictures that relate to the information per slide. My topic was the modernization of public transportation. Through my research, I found that the U.S. infrastructure has deteriorated horribly. We used to be the envy of the world in terms of public transportation, and now the American Society of Civil Engineers Infrastructure Report Card rates the U.S.’s infrastructure as a D+. The other aspect of this topic is the inclusion of new technologies into transportation. An example I include is the use of sensors that are already being used in cars for functions like park assist and speed regulation. The idea moving forward is that these kinds of technologies will continue to advance and become more and more helpful and eventually reach the end goal of autonomous vehicles. As for my pictures, I chose a photo of a tram in San Francisco, an illustration of the slow transition we are making towards modern transportation. The second photo I chose was a more up-to-date train and the last photo I chose was a graphic of some of the park-assist-type of technologies included in cars today.


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