As it currently stands, our group is heavily leaning towards making a video for the client. During our meeting this week, we spent the majority of the time discussing potential themes to incorporate into our video.

The first idea we proposed was a fun, light-hearted video. Our idea would include lots of quick fun facts that would encourage the reading to take the content of the video more seriously. Ideally the facts would be targeted towards our audience so they feel more obligated to think about them and more likely to relate. In this video we would also include simple and easy ways to make a positive impact on the environment. Our thinking behind this concept is the reason that most people don’t make an effort to be environmentally conscious because they think it requires a lot of time, energy, and predominantly money (shopping at Whole Foods, buying environmentally-friendly products, etc.). We will show the viewer some easy tips for small impacts they can make with very little effort or attention required on their part.

Our second video idea entailed a more serious feel. Think of the Sarah McLachlan animal abuse videos but with trees and plastic bottles. This kind of video would allow us to provide a lot more important information for the viewer. This would be beneficial because most people are rather ignorant when it comes to the how’s and why’s of being environmentally conscious. Conversely, this type of video would likely bore the viewer unless they were previously interested in the topic and strictly looking for lots of information. Upon further discussion, our group decided this wouldn’t likely reach our target audience as well as we’d like.

The last concept we discussed was choosing one specific area of the green movement, providing some relevant information on the topic, and illustrating ways in which the viewer could make a positive impact in that area. We decided that recycling would be a useful area to focus on because we wouldn’t have to provide a lot of explanation as everyone at least knows what recycling is and how to go about it in the most basic of ways. In the video we would provide ways in which the viewer could acquire more information on what and how to recycle. We would also show the viewer where they could find information specific to they locations. Despite the usefulness this would provide, the issue would be that it’s just too specialized and would therefore only be useful to those who are trying to learn more about recycling. If this is a topic they aren’t keen on learning about, they won’t bother watching a second of the video.

In the end, we decided the first option would be the best in terms of audience reception and retention as well as the most ideal for us to create. We will have to do a lot of research to find the best facts and suggestions but this idea has certainly got us very excited.


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