I feel like our group is heading in a very good direction right now. When we first got together, we discussed the three options we could focus on, covering all the pros and cons and how we would theoretically approach each of them. Finally we decided the Green in ’17 movement would be best for us. One of the main reasons for this is we felt we have a good idea of how to reach the targeted audience. We also felt that one of the biggest reasons for the lack of involvement in environmental awareness nowadays is a direct result of the lack of knowledge related to the subject. Most people think of riding bikes to work and shopping exclusively at Whole Foods when they think of how to be environmentally friendly. If you don’t already bike a lot, chances are you aren’t going to start now. And Whole Foods is way too expensive for most people to buy all their food there. Because of these preconceptions, most people assume helping the environment requires more time and money than they care to give up and so they just don’t bother trying to change at all. Unfortunately this is the psychology of most people who do not actively try to make a difference. Our group decided the best way to to try and address this issue would be with a comprehensive video. It will be short so we don’t lose the viewer’s interest. It will be fun so the viewer actually enjoys watching. And most importantly it will inform the viewers of the little changes they could make in their lives that will have a tremendous impact on the environment when more and more people start to participate in such changes. As of now, our immediate plan is to continue brainstorming ideas for the video and hopefully conceptualize how we will be able to go about creating this video.


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