From meme to you


This first meme relates to two prominent people in today’s society. The first being a rapper named Young Thug. Last year he released a song called “F Cancer” in response to someone named Boosie being diagnosed with cancer and this was his way of combating the disease. It didn’t help Boosie at all. The second is Steph Curry. During the NBA’s slam dunk and 3-point shooting contests this year he was given the opportunity to shoot a half court shot and if he made it the NBA would donate $500,000 to the Sager Strong foundation for cancer research. He took the shot 5-6 times and missed all of them. This meme raises an important question about him that we all should consider.


The memes depicting Obama and Biden’s weirdly close relationship became very popular towards the end of Obama’s presidency. They usually entail Biden suggesting something ridiculous, like leaving a Kenyan passport in the Oval Office to mess with Trump, Obama telling him not to do that, and Biden doing it anyways. Either that or, as seen in this one, one of them telling the other something weirdly affectionate and then the other reciprocating that affection. They’re uncomfortably funny.


To be honest, I don’t think I even need to explain why I chose this meme. It’s Young Thug being pushed in a wheelchair while eating vanilla wafers. Emphasis on the Nillas….


The main reason I chose these memes is because they do exactly what a meme is supposed to do: make you laugh. They can obviously be used to address current events or provide an opinion on something, but in the end they’re supposed to be funny. The prominence of memes today can be related to Ang’s theory of “media in everyday life” as most people view memes on social media sites. The majority of the time people use social media on their phones and everyone has their phone wherever they go all the time and therefore expose themselves to media all the time in everyday life.


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