The Story of How my Header Image Came to Exist

pineapplesRight off the bat, I was a little wary of using GIMP when the website offers the option to download the program via BitTorrent (usually used to pirate media if this is the first time you’re hearing that term). Thankfully it offered a normal download option which I decided to use instead. When I tried opening the program for the first time, I noticed it took several minutes to download the fonts. I guess that makes sense because there are a lot of fonts nowadays and it wasn’t really a big deal at all to wait an extra couple minutes before I got to work on my image, but still it kind of pissed me off. The first step I took was searching “wallpaper” on Google just to get some inspiration. I sifted though several images that would probably work well as a computer background when I came across a weirdly fun image of pineapples in various orientations atop a greenish-yellow background. I chose this image as the  background layer for my header. Since it was much taller than the suggested size for my header, I chose to just move the image around instead of scaling it so that it wouldn’t be distorted. I decided I wanted to keep the image rather simple but still enough to draw the eye, so I chose to add just a single image of something that reflects my interests. For me, the obvious choice was a wiener dog sniffing the ear of another wiener dog. Just kidding. Sort of. I didn’t search for that particular image, but rather just dachshunds in general, and this picture was the best option because it’s cute and because the background was transparent, which made my life a whole lot easier when adding it to the header. From there all I had to do was drop the image on top of the pineapple background and adjust its positioning and it was finished. All I had to do from there was export the image and then upload it to my site. Hope you all enjoy it and please let me know your honest opinions in the comments, even if you hate it (good luck with that).dachshund_cutout


3 thoughts on “The Story of How my Header Image Came to Exist

  1. Hi Liam I really like your header! The image of the pineapples is super fun and I love that you also incorporated dogs into your header. I was also wary about using GIMP and had issues scaling my photos.


  2. This header is great! It is so finely tuned to pop culture! The trippy colors really offset the stark white background. I think this is great! I haven’t any suggestions for improvement!


  3. Hey Liam! Your header looks so cute! The puppies and fruit really makes your website more fun. I had so much trouble trying to crop out images in Gimp, yet yours looks so flawless, what method did you do?


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